WARNING: This course is not for the "experts" among us.

If you can sell ice to an Eskimo, you have an intimate relationship with your customer avatar, and you know exactly what to do when you sit down to work online each day, then click away friend.  

There's nothing to see here.

But it you're anything like me...

You've taken all the courses, used all the hacks, you've put in your time.  
But you're still not seeing the result you want

You are ready to start seeing your efforts turn into INCOME.
Well, what if I told you that you are so close to a breakthrough, it hurts.

It's true.  
Your "breakthrough" is just around the corner,
 and it's up to you to turn that corner.


A 30 Day GUIDED journey specifically built for bloggers who want to 

  • Create income without building products or "blogging about blogging"
  • Build a system for creating and controlling their cash flow
  • Know exactly what to do to scale their income.

Imagine waking up tomorrow and knowing exactly what to do to put money in your bank account this week.   

The framework is a 30 day program that allows you build your website and business by developing a legitimate business model so that there is no guess work involved.

What you'll learn

By the end of your 30 day framework journey you'll have

My proven system for building a income through content creation.

Using our 30 days framework, you'll build a customized plan for building content that is strategically designed to make you money.

A Website optimized for growth and income. 

Use our signature "wireframe" strategy to turn your blog into a well oiled machine, optimized for income in just a few short days.

 a customized plan that will help you continue to optimize and grow long past the 30 day mark.

At the end of this journey, you'll have created systems that allow you to continue to build and grow  your blog.

A Note from the Author

Hey, I'm Jodi and I've always been the type to love a good "system."   That's why I hated the advice that was being touted accross the internet telling me to "just keep blogging" or "keep hustling."  

No matter how much I "Hustled"  I never actually saw a difference in our income.    Some days, I would wake up and just stare at the computer, trying to figure out exactly what I needed to do to make progress... any progress.

I was fed up with feeling like I didn't know what to do.  

But then one day, as I was listing to a podcast, It hit me.   I had been  spinning my wheels to get ... nowhere.  

I had no actual goals or ideas of how make money out of my effort.   That's when I started developing the "Framework."