It's Time to Take your  Content Strategy to a whole new level

Dear fellow content creator,

You DO NOT have to create a product
to make money.
  Want to let me prove it?

​"Content is king.  What the heck does that even mean?"  

Those were my exact thoughts as I sat in front of my computer trying to figure out how all of my numbers were increasing... except for my income.  I get it, content is king... the fortune is in the follow-up... yada yada yada.

So then why was my viral content producing less than $100/mo?

For many creators out there, this struggle is real.

If you came into the content creation game with little or no experience in sales or business then you're probably fumbling around trying to figure out how to create a system for making a profit that feels real... and repeatable

Whether you've been blogging for a week or a decade, you probably already know that EVERYONE has an opinion on what is the "right way" to make money.  And most of the time, it boils down to this: create opt-ins, create products, sell, sell, sell.    

But what if I told you that there was another way to make money.

A way that allows you to be the teacher, artist, crafter, encourager, or entertainer that you already are?

What if I told you that you've been asking the WRONG PERSON for their money this whole time.

You are already holding the key to your own success... you just need someone to show you how to use it.

That's precisely what my Content Strategy Package is designed to do

What is a  Content Strategy Package?

A content strategy package is designed to give you the tools you need to create the business you want.   

With a Content Strategy Package, you get the benefits of a coach and a VA but at a MUCH LOWER PRICE TAG.

As an expert in the field, I've got years of experience analyzing competitors and developing new strategies. After we clarify your goals for your online business,  I'll analyze your competitors, dive deep into your analytics, and review your current content to create a targeted strategy that focuses on growth and monetization!

I do the heavy lifting, and you stick to the part you love the most... creating!

But what do you actually GET?

The main value of the content strategy kit is that you get a... STRATEGY!  

We'll start by having you fill out a quick questionnaire.   Then, I'll take a look at your answers, review your website, and then schedule a call to talk about your goals and expectations.

After that, I'll get right to work putting together a strategy for you.   When I'm finished, you'll know exactly what to write, create, publish, pitch, etc. Every move you make will be a perfectly planned step in the right direction.

 Of course, that means you'll receive LOT'S of reports and spreadsheets.  Along with an editorial calendar that will give you a headline for each article and the keyword research you'll need to get the article written quickly.  

Plus, our strategy will be uniquely designed to funnel your readers through your website, building your stats, your authority, and your income!

For Highly optimized cornerstone content, you'll also receive and pre-formatted outline of the actual post in google
docs.  All you have to do is spend 20-30 minutes filling in the outline with your own personal words and you'll be able to copy and paste you perfectly optimized post right into Gutenberg with no additional formatting needed.

But just in case that isn't enough...You also get these awesome bonuses!!

A Content and Monetization Strategy and Growth Plan 
+ All of the graphic Templates
you'll need to make it work!

A Social Media Growth Calendar
+ All of the graphic Templates
you'll need to make it work!

A List of brands & Blogs to Pitch 
+ All of the email copy you'll need to make it work!

Are you ready to do this thing?  Me too!